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Let Our Expertise be an Asset to your Company

Element Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd. certified and licensed journeymen offer construction, maintenance, and emergency services. We service equipment such as, small refrigerated display cases, large refrigerated storage facilities, process chillers (industrial fluid, chilling, brewing and building cooling), roof top units and boilers. The Element Refrigeration & Air Conditioning team works to understand your situation and provide repairs to your equipment, safely.

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We Service:

  • Heating, ventilation, & air conditioning equipment (HVAC)

  • Control units

  • Walk-in coolers/ freezers

  • Server room systems

  • Refrigerant leak detectors

  • Exhaust fans

  • Humidifiers/ misting

  • Controls systems

  • Display fixtures/ shelving

  • Wine coolers

  • Boilers

  • Chillers 

Element Refrigeration & Air Conditioning offers the following services:

24/7 Service

Preventative Maintenance

Professional Installers

Design/ Build New Systems

Commission/ Recommission


When it’s Urgent, We are Available


We monitor, alarm and are ready to respond when your HVAC and refrigeration equipment goes down. Call us 587-318-2888.




Maximize the Performance of Your Equipment


Through a properly designed maintenance program Element Refrigeration can optimize your refrigeration and HVAC equipment to ensure it runs efficiently saving you money, energy, time, frustration and wake-up calls. A properly designed maintenance program helps to preserve, and reach the maximum life span of your HVAC and refrigeration equipment. 


Our maintenance process may include:

  • A schedule of inspection checks as determined by the manufacturers

  • A review of the overall functioning of the equipment to ensure optimal operation

  • Condenser cleaning to help manage the summer time heat. (Hot days cause for high operating pressures and  temperatures which break down compressor oil integrity, reduces the compressors life span and results in higher operating costs).

  • Inspections of equipment for all associated component operation to keep equipment is operating in like new condition

  • Leak check for potential refrigerant loss to protect people, the environment and your asset


Foreseeing potential for HVAC and refrigeration equipment failure, will help to reduce down time and will reduce energy costs.



Installed with Integrity

With a proven track record of installing refrigeration and HVAC equipment in commercial buildings, supermarkets, temperature controlled warehouses and server rooms we have the expertise to accurately and precisely install your equipment. Our technicians are trained and certified to handle any size of refrigeration, HVAC or air conditioning equipment.  Let us demonstrate how our attention to detail, skilled craftsmanship and due diligence will streamline the installation process.




Designed to Meet your Business Needs

Whether it is a new build, renovation or an upgrade Element Refrigeration’s thorough design process will help you to determine the HVAC and/or refrigeration equipment solution for your financial and performance needs. 

Our Equipment Expertise:

  • HVAC Equipment - control your building's ambient condition as needed.

  • Exhaust Fans - move heat, products of combustion, controlled products and undesirables, manage building pressure.

  • Air Conditioning - comfort cooling to computer server room equipment.

  • Controls and Monitoring Equipment  - equipment control and asset monitoring of temperature, pressure, leak detection, network, etc. in conjunction with 24hr alarm monitoring companies.

  • Walk-In Coolers/ Freezers - sized to meet your needs and designed for temperature requirements.

  • Humidifiers/ Misting Comfort - control humidity to maintain product integrity of produce, meat, delicatessen, corks, etc.

  • Display Fixtures/ Shelving - refrigerated display cases, gondola shelving, wall shelving to make the most of your retail space






Invest in Equipment Efficiency


Proper start-up of HVAC and refrigeration equipment is critical for equipment integrity, maximum performance, energy efficiency and minimized downtime. Investing in Element's commissioning services can lead to years of reduced operating costs and prevent unreliable equipment performance.

24/7 Service
Preventative Maintanence
Professional Installers
System Design
Commission/ Recommission Services
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